How Leading Selling Professionals Are Building Customer Relationships

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Based on upcoming book "Building Customer Relationships," learn about communications models design to cultivate buying relationships using multiple mediums.

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Table of Contents

  1. How marketing convergence is necessary to build customer relationships
    1. About The Convergence
    2. Consistent Communications
    3. Designing Interactive Communications
    4. Developing Customer Relationships
  2. Ways to use interactive communications to build customer relationships
    1. Benefits of building relationships
    2. creating profitable relationships
    3. components of relationship building
  3. What selling professionals must know about building customer relationships
    1. Executive role in relationship development
    2. creating relationship development policy
    3. use of interactive communications
  4. Communications design strategies that strength customer relationships
    1. Understanding Buying Motivators
    2. Building on past success
    3. types of communications
    4. web site role in interactive communications
  5. Actions to take right now for measurable returns on sales, marketing, and service initiatives
    1. Actions To Arrange Convergence
    2. Strategies You Can Use Today
    3. Keep Customers Returning
    4. Process Of Improvement
    5. Actions For Building Customer Relationships
Recent | Table of Contents | Resources

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