Sales and Marketing Strategy For Industrial Business to Business Firms Who Want Sustainable Growth Today

Tutorial | Table of Contents

Marketing strategy is selling strategy, in these lessons you'll learn why you are creating less than desirable results and what to do about it. Even industrial business to business companies will achieve sustainable growth using this sales and marketing strategy.

Table of Contents

  1. Your Marketing Plan,
    1. Sales and marketing strategies for creating sustainable growth
    2. What your current sales and marketing strategy isn't doing
  2. More from existing resources,
    1. Getting More From The Selling Resources You Already Have
  3. Motivating Sales People,
  4. Motivating Marketing Staff,
  5. Creating Your Own Materials,
  6. Getting the best message to market match,
    1. How to understand the buying desires of customers so they buy from you over anyone else
    2. Using relationship strategies to reach and qualify real buyers so you waste fewer resources

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