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Building Business Relations

  • Getting more buyers calling you
    How to seek out and eliminate all the reasons more buyers aren't calling your b2b technical services firm. Exact steps to take to plug holes in your sales process.
  • Cold canvassing by email?
    Learn how to connect with small and medium sized business decision makers using a method that is easy to automate for maximum results in minimum time. Does email canvassing work?
  • Understanding the Mindset of Buyers
    How to read the mind of buying customers so that you can quickly convert prospects into sales for your b2b technical services firm. Customer survey insights you can use to understand buying behavior.
  • Role of pictures in social media
    How to use pictures in social media to create rapport, increase followers, and some basic rules to observe. Describes ideas for using pictures in your social media marketing activities.
  • How to Involve Your Customers in Events
    Powerful interaction tools for use with event marketing to capture new insights for greater profits and customer retention. How to show customers you are listening while discovering customer interests.
  • Create Customer Satisfaction Everyday
    How to create customer satisfaction early in the selling process that creates more referrals for your sales results.
  • Using Questions for Sales Answers
    How to use frequently asked questions to eliminate prospect objections or questions that may limit your ability to close the sale.
  • Are You Paying It Forward
    This one habit pays more than any marketing effort your business can do for building lasting business relationships with your customers, community, and those you serve in business.
  • Why You Need a Marketing Budget
    The biggest handicap of most technology services firms is their inability to set aside a real marketing budget, this article addresses that concerns and gives you strategies to fix it.
  • Private Members-Only Content

  • Key Performance Areas Successful Managers Consider Before Getting Started On Any Project
    What the results oriented managers do during project planning to create success instead of failure and frustration.
  • How Strategic Long-Term Buying Relationships Are Creating Valued Customers
    Ways to increase customer life time value and increase what customers get from your complex services.
  • Get Results With Your Monthly Action Plan For Creating Profitable Customers Quickly
    How to know which steps are necessary to attract the customers you want now.
  • Unleashing Advisory For Measurable Results In Creating Profitable Customers
    How the best of every industry stay in top form as leaders in even struggling markets.
  • Nine Things Unprofitable Customers Aren't Going To Do For Your Business
    Advice to executives who don't know the real difference between profitable and unprofitable customers.
  • How To Set Ethical Guidelines So The Government Doesn't Have To Set Them For You
    Four ways to avoid mistakes in ethics that prevent you form attracting profitable customers quickly.
  • How To Design Communications That Keep Profitable Customers
    Learn how to capture the attention of customers so that they return to buy repeatedly.
  • Enhancing Customer Information to Improve CRM Return;
    Things to do that improve your responsiveness to customer demands.
  • Critical Thinking About CRM Implementation;
    Learn a prospective for customer relationship management that improves return on investment.
  • Review: Dr. Robert Cialdini's Influence: The Psychology Of Persuasion
    If you ever wanted to understand how people are influenced to make certain decisions over others.
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