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Who Contributes Expert Content Members Turn Into Sales Growth and Greater Profits?

Justin Hitt, Strategic Relations Consultant, Author & Speaker serving business owners, selling professionals and managers in business to business (b2b) technical industries.

Strategic Relations Consultant, Author & Speaker

This membership program brings together expert content from a number of real practitioners in B2B sales and marketing. Including publishers, speakers, consultants, and authors with more than 127 years of combined experience.

Featured contributor:

Justin Hitt, Strategic Relations Consultant

If you are interested in creating and keeping more customers for your technology services business, then you are in the right place. Justin Hitt provides business development for government contracting, technical services, and industrial firms.

As a sales person, Justin was often frustrated with how much crap is out there on selling, worse, how much garbage you had to go through to find that one nugget that work in the business-to-business world. As a consultant, clients said the same thing. That's why one big benefit of this membership program is that you get practical sales advice here in one place.

Plus you don't need to flying Justin out to your site, pay him a huge retainer, and take time out of your busy day. Justin helps you get the results you want in a format that serves you. Specializing in B2B sales and marketing for complex technical solutions, helping his clients add more than $52,000,000.00 in new revenue (6 year average) -- while helping clients, members, and newsletter readers save millions.

Mr. Hitt's strengths come from his systems approach to problem solving, which he provides in a consultative manner. His experience includes both technical and non-technical issues relating to all aspects of business.

Since 1992 he has provided management level support to a variety of information technology, business management, and marketing related projects. His experience also includes front line work in security consulting for sensitive government environments, business development for his own and other organizations, as well as systems administration support for various operating systems in highly available computing environments.

Justin is the editor of Inside Strategic Relations and regular contributor to several other resources you'll have access to thought this unique program. You will always have the best expertise at your command. Mr. Hitt knows his strengths and brings in team members to address any weaknesses -- you get a complete and lasting solution for success in your business.

As a business owner and a consultant, Justin has benefited a number of organizations nationwide. With strong communications skills and the ability to get the right job done, you can count on Justin Hitt for results. This program lets you pick his brain, ask questions, and he will help you produce sales results today.

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