Turning Business Relationships Into Profits
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For selling professionals who ...

Want stronger business relationships that help out maneuver the toughest competition

The Center for Strategic Relations provides members unique methods to improve business relationships, increase customer loyalty, and reduce employee turnover. That as a member you'll improve B2B lead generation, customer retention, and discover sustainable selling systems.

Founded in 1999, as a resources specifically for business-to-business technical services providers who want to:

Plus much, much more ...

Our members represent top business-to-business technology and professional services companies from around the world. Vertical industries include software engineering, systems design, light manufacturing, research & development, health care management services, commercial banking, and information technology services. These professional services are the backbone of successful manufacturing, financial services, and drive whole economies.

This program specializes in solutions for technology service providers who sell to other businesses. Not some deep pocket consumer marketer, but instead the hardened in the trenches business-to-business selling professional who wants strategies that produce results.

You get tools that turn business to business relationships into profits. Information resources designed to help you make measured decisions that improve business relationships include:

The Center for Strategic Relations advocates ethically, socially, and economically sustainable business practices for professional technical services firms. This private coaching program was specifically developed to help overcome many of the common challenges clients face in b2b lead generation, customer retention, customer profitability, and creating selling results.

What readers and clients are saying

"Thanks for all the help, will get in touch with you in due course. Right now I am having success with the management and the teams. Your website is an excellent resource. Thanks again."
-- Anand Subramaniam, Australia.

"Your site interested me because customer relationship and customer retention are two really important topics for me, and I found them explained really clearly by you. From an Italian point of view, the direct relationship with the customer/client/prospect is one of the most important assets."
-- Giordano Contestabile, Marketing and Communication Manager, Blurum. Milano, Italy

Resonse from Lead Generation Strategies (Inside Strategic Relations, June 15, 2004),

"Your newsletter always takes such a unique angle on common business relationship issues. Your advice on using buying behaviors as an aspect of lead generation was simply brilliant. Of course, you're right--finding out why current customers decided to buy and duplicating that makes the utmost sense, but I had never really considered how I was wasting time and money pursuing lead generation strategies that worked for others when I didn't have any proof that they were working for me."
-- Jessica Albon, The Write Exposure, Sneads Ferry, NC.

From a reader of Inside Strategic Relations,

"You provide well-reasoned thoughts and recommendations on how to improve customer relationships your newsletter becomes an inspiration. I also like the broad perspective of its topics which emphasize that CRM is not only a strategy but also applied tactics."
-- Tomas Bjöersdorff, Sweden.

Readers of Leading Your Inner Circle (Inside Strategic Relations, February 1, 2004) say,

"Your comments in the newsletter are right on target. It sounds so simple, but being able to see clearly from everyone's perspective and understand what is valuable in the specific relationship at hand is not a skill most businesspeople have developed."
-- Jan Twombly, The Rhythm Of Business Inc, Co-author of Collaborative Communities (Dearborn Trade, 2001) with Jeffrey Shuman

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How You Can Become a Member

Access valuable resources locked away at this web site by becoming a member of our Applying Strategic Relations program. You'll find exclusive materials, including everything described here plus:

A membership isn't about learning as much as it is about applying the principles of strong business relationships. Just one idea could produce thousands for your business, but a membership isn't for everyone.

If you're JUST looking for "feel-good information" this program isn't right for you -- Applying Strategic Relations is about action oriented tools that produce measurable results in your organization! If you are tired of losing money in this economy with mystery marketing or sales efforts that just done turn profits, then you are in the right place.

With your SILVER level or above membership, you'll unlock everything in this web site, plus a private coaching forum, monthly newsletters, telephone conference calls, worksheets and fill-in-the-blank tools; all designed to help you get better results today. Everything about this program was designed to bring you bankable returns.

Imagine automating your b2b lead generation, imagine keeping more of your profitable customers, then literally cloning your best customers when you need more sales. Discover referral automation systems, marketing tools that leverage you time, and insights to reclaim results in your business.

You can stand outside wondering how to improve your sales results, or you can apply for membership today. You are under no obligation to stay, join completely risk free. To unlock access to a wealth of resources, become a member today!

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