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Testimonials & Success Stories from the Files of the Center for Strategic Relations

What kind of smart people are already benefiting from the resources shared here?

Feedback on Your Executive Responsibility (Inside Strategic Relations, January 1, 2005),

"I loved your Jan 1 newsletter. You know I am pleased with the tone and focus, usefulness and content of all your writings. When do you find the time to make all these unique and thoughtful creations. I'm very enthusiastic about your insights on business strategies and practical ideas about business relationship development."
-- James W Wiley, Digital Technologies Inc; Ambler, PA.

"Thanks for all the help, will get in touch with you in due course. Right now I am having success with the management and the teams. Your website is an excellent resource. Thanks again."
-- Anand Subramaniam, Australia.

"Your site interested me because customer relationship and customer retention are two really important topics for me, and I found them explained really clearly by you. From an Italian point of view, the direct relationship with the customer/client/prospect is one of the most important assets."
-- Giordano Contestabile, Marketing and Communication Manager, Blurum. Milano, Italy

Resonse from Lead Generation Strategies (Inside Strategic Relations, June 15, 2004),

"Your newsletter always takes such a unique angle on common business relationship issues. Your advice on using buying behaviors as an aspect of lead generation was simply brilliant. Of course, you're right--finding out why current customers decided to buy and duplicating that makes the utmost sense, but I had never really considered how I was wasting time and money pursuing lead generation strategies that worked for others when I didn't have any proof that they were working for me."
-- Jessica Albon, The Write Exposure, Sneads Ferry, NC.

From a reader of Inside Strategic Relations,

"You provide well-reasoned thoughts and recommendations on how to improve customer relationships your newsletter becomes an inspiration. I also like the broad perspective of its topics which emphasize that CRM is not only a strategy but also applied tactics."
-- Tomas Bjöersdorff, Sweden.

Readers of Leading Your Inner Circle (Inside Strategic Relations, February 1, 2004) say,

"Your comments in the newsletter are right on target. It sounds so simple, but being able to see clearly from everyone's perspective and understand what is valuable in the specific relationship at hand is not a skill most businesspeople have developed."
-- Jan Twombly, The Rhythm Of Business Inc, Co-author of Collaborative Communities (Dearborn Trade, 2001) with Jeffrey Shuman

General comments about the resources you'll find here ...

"I just visited your website - very impressive."
-- Laval Mallard, LVM International.

"I have very much enjoyed reading your articles. They contain some of the most informative marketing information on the Internet."
-- Linda, E-Income Company.

"Great articles - an excellent resource. I love how easy it is to find more articles written by the same author. Plus, your related articles suggestions are always on target."
-- Jill Konrath, Selling to Big Companies

"I can't remember how I found your site but, I found it a little over a month ago. I enjoy your collection of information and it serves me in two fashions; 1) as a reminder of fundamentals that I already know and 2) as an instrument of new and/or expanded ideals that may be of service to me now or in the near future. I haven't had terribly much time to mentally devour the entire site however, I've found interest in it enough to come back. And, as deep as the Internet is, thats a good thing."
-- Stephen Combs, Director of Sales & Marketing, Maryland, US.

About an article 7 Strategies to Maximize CRM Impact on Business Process ...

"You are sending me the valuable information about CRM which is very helpful for me."
-- Ritendra Singh Tomar, India.

Comments about the Tool Kit 27 Ways to CRM Return on Investment ...

"CRM has its worst failures when it is approached as a technology solution, rather than a business strategy. CRM seems destined to be an excellent strategy for just a few who are bold enough to ignore vendor hype and follow their own noses."
-- Tom Gormley, jtg3(a)charter.net

"What I liked about your viewpoint and materials was that they dove-tailed so well into what I have been teaching my clients and preaching to my troops. Your materials presented numerous "how to" ideas that would be easy to include when building strategic consensus for a company marketing plan. I especially liked your advice on building incrementally toward success -- in measured, practical steps day-by-day. That helps engender the necessary "can-do" attitude among team members."
-- James W Wiley, President, Digital Technologies Inc.

About upcoming book The Magic 1% Principles for Implementation and Growth ...

"I'm interested in 'Magic 1% Principle.' For the past decade I have been extensively involved in creative problem solving programs for kids. I've also integrated many ideas into my consulting practice."
-- Jill Konrath, President, Selling to Big Companies.

A comment about some of publications available online individually or with a consulting package ...

"The reports are good. ... I really like the 'how to' aspect of your reports -- we need more of that in the CRM industry."
-- Bob Thompson, CRM Guru.

About article written for SitePoint, Cultivate Business Relationships on Your Website ...

"I just read 'Cultivate Business Relationships on Your Website'. Great article! I like the way you melded targeting and relationship building. Yours is the first article I have read that goes beyond generalities by specifically addressing *how* to build targeted, online relationships. The article gave me several ideas for improving my own site."
-- Bobette Kyle, Web Site Marketing Plan, St. Louis, MO, United States.

On the application of upcoming report Building Relationships with Business-to-Business Websites ...

"I am a little jealous of how well you target each of your Web sites...I can tell you develop positioning statements then stick to them relentlessly! :-)"
-- Bobette Kyle author of The 5-Step Marketing Plan, St. Louis, Mo. United States.

On tips booklet 101 Strategies for more Profitable Customers...

"That was a very powerful booklet."
"I did very much like the tips... they are very sensible and easy to implement."

-- Matt Todd, Christ Centered Services, Alexandria, VA.

"... I am enjoying it greatly, as I have never seen anything like this before :-) ..." "Justin, you not only created a list of profitable tips, but have actually helped me organize and focus on my business-improvement efforts, and not be overwhelmed trying to succeed. I am enjoying your booklet greatly, as I have never seen anything like this before. Thank you!"
-- Milana Nastetskaya, author of First Business Web Site in 10 Days!

In praise of 14 Ways to Increase Your CRM Return on Investment...

"Your booklet, it is quite clear and to the point. Although I have other articles which discuss some similar issues, they are not as precise as your booklet. It is especially relevant as to describing how CRM is not just technology (although that can be / is a part of the process), CRM also involves people and processes."
-- Wendy Collett, Seahorse Data, Australia.

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