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Welcome to the "Print Expanded Version" of the original email Strategic Relations Journal, newly resurrected by popular demand for members of Applying Strategic Relations. Mailed monthly.

Attracting Hot Customers

(June 2006 Edition, 15-pages)

Item# SRJ-200606:

For Clear Sight

(April / May 2006 Jumbo Edition, 14-Pages + Exhibit)

Item# SRJ-200604:

A Lesson In Gifting

(March 2006, Premiere Reissue, 6-Pages)

Item# SRJ-200603:

Don't Miss A Single Issue of this excitingly powerful newsletter

Each issue is a report on specific problems destroying Sales and Marketing Management's effectiveness. Available as part of a membership to Applying Strategic Relations, or purchased individually here.

However, for a limited time non-members can get any 12 consecutive issues for just $397 + S&H. Just choose your start date. If you choose to receive editions not yet produced, then you'll receive those as they are published.

Understand, You get:

This program will save you hundreds over investing in each edition individually. Even if you're already a member of Applying Strategic Relations, this is a great way to get extra copies of these materials for training your staff.

Just one of these newsletters can create for you windfalls of revenue, using these strategies some clients have added as much as $127,000 MORE to their business bottom line in one month. Another closed a $1.5 million dollar opportunity with one strategy they put into action just 3-months earlier.

Of course, this program isn't for those closed minded managers who are afraid to try something different, who just collect these materials because they make them feel good. If you aren't going to INSIST your sales and marketing team do something with what they'll learn, then don't bother investing in this program.

But for those of you who are serious about creating huge results in less time, who want to be the hero of the next executive board meeting, then drop everything and take ACTION today.

Are you waiting for a sign from heaven? With this resource, your sales people will sell more, your marketing will be more effective, and you'll be a HERO! Do it now!

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