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How to Cultivate Your 'Top Ten Percent' Customers for Greater ProfitsHow to Cultivate Your "Top Ten Percent" Customers for Greater Profits
(Part 1 of 2 from the Cultivating Your Best Customers series)
By Justin Hitt, Strategic Relations Consultant

Learn now to make customer segmentation work for your business. Discover how to get the most from your existing CRM or data mining resources to get rid of unprofitable customers for good. Includes hands on information you can apply today.

You will learn:

Also includes an interactive exercise to help you identify your most profitable customers in a day or less.

Table of Contents

Each section focuses on helping you achieve results in your business, providing key details you need to extract measurable change. Includes strategies to evaluate individual customer relationships.


  1. Interested in Having More Profits for Your Business
    • Removing the Fat (in Business)
    • Two Ways to Solve a Program, Only One is Right
    • A Quality Process is required for Profitable Customers

How to Cultivate Your 'Top Ten Percent' Customers for Greater Profits

  1. Are Your Customers Making You More Successful?
    • Which Customers Are Right for You
    • How Have Your Suspect Profitable Customers Contributed
  2. Role of Profitable Customers in an Effective Business
    • The Purpose of Business
    • Defining a Profitable Customers
    • Points to Consider
    • Being an Effective Company
  3. Identifying Your Top Ten Percent Customer for More Profits
    • Developing Relevant Categories for Your Business
    • Seeing More Then Just Income vs. Expense Numbers
    • A Simple Way to Present Your Results
  4. Factors Differentiating "Normal" from "Profitable" Customers
    • Who Are Profitable Customers?
    • Discovering Those Traits Relevant to Your Business
  5. A Profitable Customers Is the Matter of Measure
    • Discovering Your Unique Measures of Customer Profitability
    • Observing the Right Measures for Results
    • Knowing Customer Expectations Improves Accuracy
    • Take Action towards Profitability
  6. Maximize Results by Determining Demographic Differences
    • Leveraging All Types of Customer Demographics
    • How to Develop a Customer Product Profile
    • Revealing Usable Traits from Customer Industry
    • How to Find Your Profitable Customers Quickly
  7. Using Your Marketing Plan for Targeting Your Top Customers
    • Another Way to Find the Right Customers for Your Plan
    • Role Your Website Plays in Marketing Best Customers
    • Keeping Your Plan Aligned with "Top Ten Percent" Customers
  8. Refocusing Your Marketing Efforts to Go After the Winners
    • A Simple 1-2-3 Approach for Capturing Winners
    • How to Financing Your New Marketing Focus
    • Is This Turning Away Business?
    • Consistently Improve to Attract Winners
  9. A 7 Step Plan for Getting Closer to Your Best Customers
    • How to Get Closer to Your Most Profitable Customers
    • Measuring Your Results with Customer Response
  10. Don't Forget those above Average Customers
    • How to Upgrade Your Existing Customers
    • Stop Getting Customers the Hard Way
  11. How to Reach Qualified Prospects Who Want to be Customers
    • Reaching Potential Customers Analytically
    • Implementing a Strong Pre-Education Program
    • Avoiding Disappointment with Initial Perceptions

How to Implement What You Have Learned for Greater Profits

  • How Were Your Predictions
  • A Systematic Plan for Calculated Results
  • Where You can Go for Help

About the Author

Who should read this report?

Any decision maker who wants greater profits from your existing customers. Or wants a solid implementation plan to increase you profits over the next 6 months.

If you have at least 50 customers, you could gain a better understanding of your best customers that will translate into a 21 to 32% increase in revenues in a few months.

You should read this report if you want to become the premiere provider of your product or service. Or want to develop services your customers will pay more for (even over your competition.)

This report is more than a lesson in customer segmentation and market strategy -- it contains techniques that you can implement repeatedly to consistently provide positive results for your organization.

This is not a quick fix, but the insights you need to product results over a few short months. Do not buy this report if you are not willing to invest in its exercises or take serious its lessons.

Invest in a clearer understanding of your customers. An investment that will translate into growing your profits this year. Even improve the quality of your customer base.

How You Can Cultivate Your 'Top Ten Percent' Customers for Greater Profits (Item# AG35, Report)

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