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About These Reports and Training Materials

I'm not going to kid you, I'm not an author by any means. My desktop publishing skills are limited. Most of the reports available here were created not to sell, but out of necessity. They aren't pretty, they aren't perfect, and frankly could be better written.

For example, the "101 Strategies To Create Profitable Customers" originated as a guide for new sales people I added to my team. It included all the ways I knew to bring in real customers (not just warm bodies) and build the profits of my computer consultancy Open Systems Networking Inc.

Like my web sites, each of these reports are works in progress. Like software, new revisions come out each year more finely tuned than the previous. That's why I'm willing to answer your questions through my private coaching program and contact page.

You also have me behind every product. If you don't understand something I've written, fax your question along with the name of the report and a copy of the page that is unclear. I'll provide either 15-minutes on the phone or a written response to your question. It's like a bonus supplement tailored for your business.

If I sat in front of the computer making these reports and training materials pretty, I wouldn't get anything else done. Rest assured the content alone speaks for itself, don't be afraid to write in the margins or ask questions; these are tools born of experience not textbooks from some research committee.

Over time some of these reports look better than others. However, I'm not interested in being in the bookstores with a well researched consumer publication. You don't have the time to wait years for this information when you would benefit today using these insights in your business.

One customer commented about the hand written margin notes. It's because I use these reports on my self in my technology and business strategy consulting business. When you purchase one of these reports, I often take now MY binder, make a copy and send it to you. Margin notes and all.

Often I'll reference other materials in my reports, both my own and other peoples because I believe I can't have the answers for everything. You'll find these reports and training materials easy for your staff to follow. While you'll probably know 40% of the material cold, some of these reports are are written for staff to understand even if they don't have your experience.

I would literally hire someone (either an employee or contractor) and say, "Go to page 5, do everything there Monday through Wednesday, then in this book go to page 10, do that on Thursday and Friday." Each process was then documented as it could be improved, meanwhile, I had people working on solving real problems in my business.

You can do the same in your business, use these reports to improve your own performance or plug them into your staff to increase your teams results. How you use these reports doesn't matter one bit to me, I've just found my library served my bottom line more than my word processor. Unless clients hired me to write something ...

Later when I was doing consulting, I'd spend weeks with a client discussing their situation, solving problems, then documenting everything we've done so they could do it while I was gone. My contracts were negotiated to keep copies of the materials which I periodically break up into what you find here.

Some clients paid tens of thousands of dollars to get what I'm sharing with you in these reports. You benefit from years of consulting experience, real world selling, and insights from my mentors. Sure I could spend a few months making the products pretty, could hire some editors to improve the English grammar, then again, I could reinvest that money into growing my business (or spend that money on my family.)

You've got to wonder about the pretty product, how long did it take to make it that way. And if someone has all that time, resources, or is willing to put that kind of effort into the "glamour" of the materials -- how much time did they have for actually providing solid content?

Very often I personally tested the mistakes I write about here and in hindsight realized my blunder. In my little diary I wrote up my experience, took my lesson learned and created a plan for action. Years later, I share those mistakes with you so you don't have to make them and can just focus on how to create results.

What you get from me isn't pretty, and it certainly isn't mass produced. You get quality insights organized in a usable fashion, ready to plug into your business for better results. It's experienced based, that's why I don't mind you faxing in your questions or comments. I'll invest my time in growing my business, selling these reports and training materials is incidental.

Do you have questions about any of the reports I provide? Here's how to get answers:

  1. Print out or copy the page in question,
  2. Prepare your questions on sheet of letter head,
  3. Fax both to+1 (877) 207-3798for reply,
  4. GOLD members can follow up on the private forum,

This includes jargon you may not understand, since I'm writing specifically for sales and marketing professionals in technology based firms. You'll also find various glossaries in our consolidated sites: Glossary of Strategic Relations Terms.

If you are looking for reports or training in refined packaging, then you are in the wrong place. However, if you want experienced in the trenches resources that grow your business, then explore our catalog. Committed to help your business-to-business firm create and keep profitable customers.

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