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An important message for Heavy Equipment Rental companies who want more business with the government ...

Lots of Equipment Rental Activity in Governments by Michael Keating

Uncle Sam Wants YOU! And so does your State and Local Governments, Are you ready to serve?

If you aren't serving and delivering your heavy equipment rentals to enough Federal, Military, State, and Local government building projects (and those contractors working them), then you are missing out on a huge stable revenue stream. I know the federal government owes all kinds of money, but all hell is going to break out if they don't keep moving forward on fully funded capital projects.

And wouldn't you rather your government put that money into your business rather than outright buying equipment that they will just dump at some auction a few years down the line. You and I know how powerful, especially for cash flow that equipment rental can be over the purchase of that same equipment for construction projects. Heck, this isn't even a bail out, it's a good use of their money.

Of course, if they are going to build a bridge to no-where, why not prepare the site with your trenching and boring gear, handle the overhead lights with your utility equipment, and put down the road with your street pavers. But it goes far beyond that, simple city services like snow removal, emergency response, and more needs what you have to offer. So why aren't you doing business with the Government?

Reasons Heavy Equipment Rentals firms DON'T do business with the government

There are a lot of reasons good firms don't go after lucrative government contracts, here are a few:

  1. Failure to connect with the right buyers,
  2. Not registered in the right systems,
  3. Thinking the process is too hard,
  4. Afraid they won't get paid,
  5. Concerned about sales process,
  6. Don't know where to get started,
  7. Worry about long sales cycles,

You could be worried about one or all of these problems companies have doing business with Federal, State, and Local Governments, that's why so many good companies like your own don't tap this huge market. In fact, many Governments right now are leasing instead of buying. That's good news for the tax payer, and great news for the heavy equipment rental company who steps up to the plate.

Let's face some facts right now, all seven (7) of those fears are actual myths that your competition wants you to believe. In fact, there are certain things you know about doing business with the government that has outright held you back from consistent earnings, business growth, and a regular customer base (that unfortunately) is growing every election year. If not now, then when will YOU profit from this trend.

How To Get More Than 144,737 Purchasing Professionals Obligated To Buy From You

How to make money selling your heavy equipment rentals to the federal government (plus military, state, and local) ... even when other vendors struggle to get in the door. Provides practical instruction to profitably find and capture government contracts, even without writing the proposals.

Includes notes from multiple consulting assignments, Strategies for marketing government agencies, Methods to identify decision makers quickly, Steps to create measurable results, plus Samples.

The exact materials used to add more than $26,000,000.00 in new Federal and Military contracts to clients during 2000 though 2002, millions more earned since then. Wasn't that time period supposed to be in recession? Depending on your market, you can have similar results in as little as six months if you are willing to plug-into this complete system.

Because this manual isn't "pretty", you get two telephone coaching certificates to ask your questions (each a $297 value), but on it's own you'll certainly add more business to your bottom line. You get a manual literally compiled from real world experiences, two audio CD's, plus a fast start guide that shows you where to start quickly.

Get started with this real world, "Ugly As Sin" Working Draft: How To Make Money Selling Your Products And Services to The Federal Government Manual, ideal for HubZone, 8(a), and small business qualified organizations.

Before you waste another marketing dollar ...

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By the way, your success makes all the difference in building strong communities (literally) so I'm standing behind this program with a 100% absolute satisfaction guarantee. If you aren't complete delighted with these materials, if you don't think they will bring you at least 2 new leases this year (more than making up for the tiny investment in this program), then return the materials for a complete refund for up to 2 years from your original investment!

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