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"It Came From Twitter ... An Interview Challenge on Supercharging B2B Lead Generation and Appointment Setting"

Justin Hitt and Mike Damphousse talk B2B Lead Generation and Appointment Setting, a Challenge Thrown Down!

It all started with a simple Twitter conversation, then a challenge to present the best lead generation strategies for business-to-business appointment setting that works in this economy. Only one man could accept the challenge ...

Mike Damphousse on B2B Lead Generation and Appointment Setting

You can attend as our guest, listen in on insights shared you can apply directly to your B2B lead generation. Get the most from your marketing dollars, set more qualified appointments, and sell more in this economy.

"If you could ask Mike Damphousse any question about B2B lead generation or effective appointment setting, What would it be?"

Michael Damphousse on B2B Lead Generation and Appointment Setting
Michael Damphousse, CEO/ CMO of Green Leads, LLC

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Who is Mike Damphousse? Mike helps companies of all sizes, from 30 person startups to billion dollar software giants profit from B2B demand generation. After serving as CMO at two different software companies, Mike created Green Leads to leverage technology, the human asset, and today’s ever changing trends.

This isn't one of those fluffy sales calls, Justin Hitt (editor of the Inside Strategic Relations Newsletter) is going to get real answers from Mike, grilling him on business-to-business lead generation and effective appointment setting. Insights you can use in your business immediately to increase sales while lowing marketing costs.

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