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Help! My wife thinks I broke the Heat Pump

Special Offer: Make my wife happy with me working out of the house and get a great bonus package that helps you sell more in this economy

Help! My Wife Thinks I Broke the Heat Pump
Let's get you copy that sells and my wife a big gift for Valentines Day

Wednesday, January 12, 2010

Dear Subscribers and Clients,

Energy efficiency is important to everyone. Because I wanted to be more energy efficient, I've done all the regular things around the house, including replace light bulbs with compact florescent and improved insulation. You know "Being Green" is now popular, but I've been green since "Kermit the Frog" -- anyway, this demonstration makes my wife think I'm handy.

And since I moved my Durham office back home, my wife figures I can do more ...

My wife thinks I'm handy, that's why it should have been easy to replace the old manual thermostat with a programmable digital thermostat (see picture.) Unfortunately, every since the fateful day our electric bill has been double. Mistake #1: Having a copywriting marketing strategist replace a heat pump thermostat.

Why am I telling you all this? You are ready my story for two very important reasons ...

  1. My misfortune is your opportunity to show my wife that I'm right.
  2. Gives you a practical example about why hiring out some things to professionals.

Personally I don't mind the cold, but my wife on the other hand likes it a warm 73 degrees while I'm happier at no less than 62. My wife knows how I suffer in the summer letting it get as high as 72 in the house, when she is fine with it almost 80. Mistake #2: Telling my wife that since I'm home all day, that I should set the temperature.

Needless to say, my wife thinks I broke the heat pump. Already have had an HVAC Professional look over the unit and they say everything is fine. But now the compressor doesn't seem to come on anymore and our electric bill was almost double.

Handy, Yes, but only in some specific areas

Justin Hitt, Copywriting and Marketing Strategy
Justin Hitt: Skilled in copywriting, marketing strategy, and lead generation, NOT fixing thermostats!

You see, some things in life ought to be done by someone who has experience. Even when you know how to do a thing, you still may not be the best candidate because you're so close to the consequences of it not being done just right.

On the experience side, perhaps, a professional may even have years of experience to do the thing and can help create better results with less effort. That's how my services work, especially my copywriting and marketing strategy solutions that help you increase sales results.

Hiring a professional to install my thermostat would have eliminated a lot of problems. First, they would have known where all the different color wires go, could easily troubleshoot the unit if it didn't work as expected, and most importantly would have known if the thermostat was compatible.

But my wife, bless her heart, thinks so much of her husband to insist he do the work himself, and as she says, "If you can't do it for some reason, then we'll call someone."

What did she mean? It was almost like she threw down the gauntlet, gave me a challenge. You might feel the same way in your business about your marketing, especially copywriting and specific advertising pieces. Maybe when you first got started you did everything yourself, it worked okay, but you really haven't had a second opinion in quite a while.

Pride of doing it yourself is often a cover-up for not doing it good

When I first installed the thermostat I bragged to my wife about how easy it was, but when the heat pump blew out cold air I had another thing coming. You see, some people might be good at some things, but no one is good at everything. You have your specialty, I have mine, and it caused me to miss a critical consideration ...

Another challenge was the very complex thermostat selected. Maybe if it was one of those old fashion thermostats things would have been different, however, with this one it had programmable days, temperature zones, and many energy saving features. I've even installed a thermostat before when helping my Dad build a house where I used to live.

Fancy digital thermostat I had no business installing, remember I'm a marketing strategist

What I hadn't considered is how much thermostats have changed over the years. The old one had 5 wires while the new one had 10. The old thermostat had very few settings, like heat, cool, or off. While the new thermostat had hundreds of combinations, told you what time it was, and worked for 27 different heating and cooling systems.

You may have noticed that business advertising has changed too. In the past you could get away with one or two campaigns that worked moderately well. Perhaps you could meet with your customers face-to-face and that was enough. Word of mouth went further because customers had fewer distractions.

Both business advertising and your business has changed

That's why I wanted to make you this special offer. Let's face it, I'm much better at copywriting and marketing strategy than I am working with a heat pump. You're much better at delivering your products and services than your competitor. And with my skills properly applied I could help you create and keep more customers in the next 12 months.

Maybe you enjoy writing advertising materials and have some of your own. Perhaps you had an advertising agency or marketing group put together materials for you. The only qualification is that you have some marketing piece you want significantly improved. Here's the deal ...

Send any 4 page sites for a complete written evaluation, suggestions, copy tips, and telephone consultation, and the proceeds of your investment will be passed along as your gift to my wife to have a professional look at the heat pump.

Really don't need your money, especially since I've already secretly dispatched an heating and air conditioning company to look at the unit today. They are outside working away. My wife's biggest objection was fear more than anything else, especially since she just replaced the Heat Pump at her rental property in New Jersey.

What really happening is that Valentines Day is around the corner

Williamsburg VA Home Office Cage Mess
Client files are in the boxes, Home office project pile organization system

This heat pump issue will be resolved real soon, the real and bigger program is illustrated by what happened moving my office from Durham NC to the home office Williamsburg VA. Perhaps pictures will speak louder than words (not necessarily the words my wife gives my about my "cage" as in storage closet as she calls it.)

What I figure is money tied up in an office is money not available to invest in marketing, businesses grow on the results of marketing and even in this economy things are strong. More importantly, cash flow freed up builds stability which is important to clients who benefit from unique marketing automation, copy writing, and sales strategy solutions. This is the kind of stability you too deserve in business today. And since this Valentines Day 2010 coincides with Chinese New Year, ...

For all my wife puts up with, she deserves a special gift from Clients (who owns most of the stuff in my office) and in the Chinese tradition, nothing speaks better for Good Luck in a New Year than "Hóng Bāo" (紅包) -- a small Red envelope given around the holiday full of money. While my wife will traditionally pass along it's contents to the unmarried of the student associations she works with (I'll also take her out to a real nice dinner my treat), the gesture will go a long way.

Chinese New Year traditional Red Envelope
My wife is from Taiwan. Here's what her "Hóng Bāo" (紅包) will look like.

For you it may mean another year in the home office, rather than having to drive down the street to the storage unit where the rest of my office lives, or even getting a stuffy office -- you'll get better response, more coaching calls, and my attitude will be much better. But what really matters is what this offer will do for your business ...

Results driven approach increases sales and leads quickly

You get my results driven approach. That's why I bring in professionals, why take a chance, you get more than a decade of selling experience at your service. Because you may have some fear, concern, or uncertainty with someone improving your business advertising, here a little bit about who I am:

In addition, many of my publications have been translated into Chinese and Spanish. Several in use periodically at London Business School and UC Berkeley's Lester Center for Entrepreneurship & Innovation. But none of this academic crap means anything if what I've written hasn't sold real life complex solutions like you offer (and still do today.)

It's understandable if you're not impressed with this letter. Because of the urgency of this matter it didn't receive as much attention as you'll get when you invest in this kind of consultation. Every line of your copy will be investigated, that's why for this particular offer you can only send 4 page sides (two double sided pages, or 4 single sided pages.) If you like, you can include two pieces to meet that maximum, as you'll see the attention you get far exceeds the investment you make.

"Okay Justin, I know your qualified, but protect my downside."

You still might have certain fears about marketing in this economy, or in your market place, or because of some bad experience you've had in the past. That's okay, and that's exactly why you must get a second opinion designed to help you reach selling goals. But you and I know, that who I am isn't as important as how I stand behind what I do. That's why you get this incredible guarantee of satisfaction that removes all your risk:

  1. If, for any reason, you are not 100% satisfied with your sales copy strategy critique, just say so and get a full refund of your entire investment. Keep any materials already delivered, no questions asked.
  2. Use what I provide to you, if it doesn't beat your control in comparable circumstances then call my office at+1 (877) 207-3798and at your request you'll get a full refund.
  3. If you aren't so delighted by the ideas, insights, and suggestions provided that you aren't bragging to your business friends about the gold mine you've discovered, then call for a no quibble full refund.

That's right, your satisfaction is 100% money-back guaranteed.

In addition to this incredible guarantee what you stand to gain here is worth so much more than the tiny investment in this second opinion. Imagine spending thousands of dollars on a marketing campaign, attracting fewer prospects than you deserve, and struggling when just a few adjustments to your headline could improve readership by 72%. You'll waste twice as much wondering what could be.

Just one idea could change the profit of your campaign

What's worse, maybe you've been trying to put together a marketing campaign but just don't feel right about the strategy or a part, instead of waiting, instead of missing out on prospective customers who could be doing business with you today -- you could get the fresh eye for a creative second opinion that will put money in your pocket.

Don't risk missing out on one or two ideas that increase response, boost profits, lower costs per leads, or any number of benefit my clients have received. Definitely don't make this next marketing mistakes ...

Now that your campaign is out the door you wonder if it was everything you can do to get customers to response, to get buyers to raise their hand, or to keep customers returning for more. Now you don't have to worry about these mistakes that cost some companies $10,000.00 even $25,000.00 in lost opportunity.

Have any sales or marketing document reviewed, including: newsletters, sales letters, lead generation, several postcards, appointment setting letters, sales scripts, brochures, ... anything you use in your day-to-day selling for maximum effectiveness. Plus read below about bonuses too!

In one case I helped a client sell twice as much of their professional services with a letter that went to 1,200 prospects with the only purpose of having them pick up the phone for an appointment. Nothing else changed, the letter just simply brought in more qualified appointments (literally pre-qualified buyers).

After adding several inbound calls as a follow up sequence they again boosted response to get more than 17 decision makers to say "Yes" to a phone appointment. After three months this campaign was worth $512,000.00 and after eighteen months worth $1,300,000.00 in new business.

More than simple copywriting feedback is needed today

You get more than just a simple review of your copywriting, you instead get a complete marketing strategy consultation plus suggestions to improve the whole marketing effort. It all comes in this special package, great for new clients and those who have been working with me for years. But not all sales copy critiques are the same, I make this one different because there are 24 key points reviewed.

You will be the hero of your next sales meeting, armed with ideas that put your company ahead in this economy.

If you are familiar with my newsletter and publications, you've discovered some of the 24 points I look at when evaluating a website landing page, sales letter, space advertisement, or any other type of business advertising. These points come from more than a decade of experience, most of which was selling my own services in a business-to-business environment. In addition, I've been an outside sales person and business development specialist for my clients.

Most other copywriting critiques are from creative individuals who, while they may have a knack for ideas, have never SOLD anything in their life. They have instead jockeyed from behind a desk, dreaming, hoping, and wishing that some day they might get an award for their work. That's fine, but what you get from me is copy that sell. Period.

Beat any control, refresh any campaign, get more sales results

You may have a control that you spent good money running every month, however, in the back of your head you think it might be getting tired. One part of you doesn't want to risk stopping the campaign for something else that could cost thousands without any hope for gain. Then again, as this control moves on, you could be losing tens of thousands in revenue from something that's worn down.

With this "Sales Copy Strategy Critique" you can refresh any campaign in the matter of a week, specific questions are asked that put new life in your marketing, and get written suggestions you can use right away, all for an investment less than what you may spend to run a single campaign. Because you deserve more results in sales (and because my wife needs to see my home office is worth it) you'll get the attention normally reserved for writing from scratch copywriting assignments.

More client files, Membership library materials upper right corner

You see, in the privacy of my home (and sometimes sitting out on the back porch if this weather breaks 65) my wife will smile as she sees me up and about reviewing your materials. Jotting down notes she'll know I'm too busy for handy man chores and perhaps will let me focus on working for you while I'm home during the day.

Get fresh ideas designed to help you sell because I'm more relaxed. She'll see a pile of critiques in the queue, she'll know it's better to let me so what I'm good at, rather than installing thermostats. That means you get my best work, focused specifically on your projects rather than changing thermostats.

You get more than $1,570.00 in services and tools

It's important you understand that part of this offer is an outright bribe (ooh, the things guys do for their wife.) If you don't feel comfortable getting something for nothing, then I understand, you probably don't want more sales and leads from your copy either. It's okay at this point to walk away hoping your marketing is the best it can be -- but I know your not that type of person, you instead want maximum results for minimum money. Here's what you get:

You get so much, because, both in time and value because now is the time to secure the beachhead before any economic improvement. Even at twice the $1,570.00 investment in your business growth, these services are a steal -- but if you act quickly your investment will be a fraction -- and you have so much to gain.

If you want to stay out in front of competitions, capture more market share, and earn more, then you need marketing insights that create sales. You are being bribed because you deserve these benefits and because your overwhelming response will really impress my wife.

Yes, there is a catch, only for the first 10 who take action

Your Satisfaction is Guaranteed

Okay, you knew it was too good to be true. This offer isn't for everyone, especially because:

(a) I won't be excited about every project that comes across my plate, in that case, I'll refund your investment, no hard feelings.

(b) Some who read this will dilly dally around, not doing anything to secure their place in this tough market, frankly don't want that type of customers. And, ...

(c) you may not off hand have some improvement you want in your business. Sad as it is, some people think they have it all, but you and I know the complacent frog gets boiled.

To be considered response is required by January 17. That's no arbitrary date, it's important you get on board before I'm off to a conference next week. See my wife will be handling some of my emails and will be really impressed seeing your reservation deposits come through, she'll be able to get my assistant to start scheduling you as soon as February.

But only the first 10 can be guaranteed a spot in February because I'm already in on 8 other big projects (copywriting critiques are done by me personally where other projects can be supported by staff.) Act now to reserve your spot today!

Another thing I figure is that 10 of these deluxe sized "Sales Copy Strategy Critiques" will keep me pretty busy, so in all fairness anyone who doesn't respond by Saturday morning may be pushed out till March. Well worth the wait, but not so good if you want to scoop up some of this years early money as businesses start to improve. That's why you want to respond right now, just click the "Add to Cart" button below, complete the form, and securely leave your reservation.

Add to Cart
Sales Copy Strategy Critique "Wife Happy About Office" Special Offer
(Item# HR7-E0112A)

In the comment box you'll tell a little about your company and full instructions will be provided after your reservation has cleared. The kit that follows will includes instructions, where to send or fax your copy, and a few bonuses to help you get started quickly. My assistant will schedule a date for you in early February, and you'll get a phone number to call with any questions you might have. For early responders: If time permits I may call you for a brief 5 to 10 minute chat (if you rush back your copy by fax or email) before my trip, it will give me something to do on the plane.

Thank you so much for understanding the situation. Just imagine the delight on my wife's face when she's sees me out of the office busy working on your critique, or on her date night opening your "Hóng Bāo" (紅包) gift to her (that will cover any service necessary on the heat pump) -- or for her to share with the students she works with, maybe even as a slush fund for the here-and-there contractor who will replace my labor at the house.

Most importantly, imagine how much of a hero you'll be around the office, or in your own home because you beat the company control, improve advertising response, or increased sales. That's what the insights you'll receive from this special bundle "Sales Copy Strategy Critique" will do for you. You have nothing to risk, your satisfaction is guaranteed. Looking forward to working with you.

Warmly yours,

Justin Hitt
Strategic Relations Consultant
B2B Sales Marketing Advisor

P. s. If I broke the heat pump I will pay for it, but that won't make my wife happy. This special offer was designed to delight my wife and make you ecstatic with the results you gain. It contains a special "Sales Copy Strategy Critique" bundle plus extra bonuses that put money in your pocket. Get a second opinion before spending thousand on marketing that may under perform for various reasons. Take action today because your marketing, lead generation, and customer retention efforts are too important to guess. Maybe you're busy and just want a professional to take a look to save you time. Either way, it's easy to get started and all the risk has been removed with my 3 point absolute satisfaction guaranteed. Just click the "Add to Cart" button below, complete the secure acceptance form, and make a reserve your place in line with your deposit. Only 10 people can be fit into February, offer may be withdrawn at anytime.

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Sales Copy Strategy Critique "Wife Happy About Office" Special Offer
(Item# HR7-E0112A)

P. p. s. At least 10% of gross from this campaign will go directly to my wife as a Gift from "Happy Clients who Support Justin's Home Office" -- it will be presented to her on Valentines Day in a Red Envelope called "Hóng Bāo" (紅包) because Valentines Day coincides with Chinese New Year. The 10% of gross that my organization already donates to charity will still go to charity, what my wife will receive from you is in addition to current charitable giving .

To reserve your space by Fax or Mail, click "Add to Cart" then print out the completed form provided. Fax to+1 (877) 207-3798along with your full credit card number plus a signature authorizing your deposit. Or mail to JWH Consolidated LLC, Dept HR7-E0112A, Po Box 73, Williamsburg, VA 23187. Your satisfaction is guaranteed or your money back.

Heating Problem Update (1/13/2010)

The HVAC professional hired to look at the thermostat says it wasn't triggering the 24 volts necessary to turn on the heat pump, old thermostat was re-installed. He does need to look into the why the compressor isn't maintaining pressure which is causing it not to put out a high enough temperature.

Bottom line, it wasn't my fault (but it's still a good idea for my wife to be happy I'm working from home, so act now!) If I just would have had him out a month ago, things would have been a whole lot less stressful on my wife. Just one more reason I choose to hire professionals (even when I might be able to do it) just to be sure.

Compressor is Getting Replaced (1/18/2010)

A pump think inside the compressor is being replaced, I'm sure that's not the technical term but the HVAC professional called out had to do some welding. Looks like things will be better, at least it's blowing out hotter air.

Problems Again With Heat Pump (2/14/2010)

That hot air didn't last very long. Not the most perfect Valentines Day gift for my wife, especially since any "Hóng Bāo" (紅包) is going towards getting the Heat Pump looked at again. Now the compressor is making a horrible noise, calling out a professional once again.

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Sales Copy Strategy Critique "Wife Happy About Office" Special Offer
(Item# HR7-E0112A)
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