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Selling to the Federal Government

The government of the United States of America is the biggest purchaser of everything available on the planet, especially industrial and technical solutions. Are you benefiting from the worlds biggest customer with a legal obligation to pay it's bills? Doing business with the federal government is easy when you know how.

How to get more than 144,737 purchasing professionals obligated to buy from you

How to make money selling your products and services to the federal government ... even when other vendors struggle to get in the door. Provides practical instruction to profitably do business with the Federal Government. Includes notes from multiple consulting assignments, Strategies for marketing government agencies, Methods to identify decision makers quickly, Steps to create measurable results, plus Samples. For established firms only.  

Get started with this real world, "Ugly As Sin" Working Draft: How To Make Money Selling Your Products And Services to The Federal Government Manual, ideal for HubZone, 8(a), and small business qualified organizations.

Here's a special edition just for Heavy Equipment Rental Companies Who Want More Government Contracts in the next 6 months!

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