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7 Questions To Ask Before Web-Site Integration

Financial Insights Examines Critical Success Factors in Columbia Management Company?s Web-site Integration Project [IDC: Press Center]

In addition, ask yourself the following while developing your web integration objectives:

  1. How will data collected at the website be integrated into our existing systems? The web provides a great tool for gathering additional information about customers and their needs. Look at integrating this data into your CRM system, literally filling in missing elements helpful to sales and marketing.
  2. What role will the website have in our overall communications strategy? Your website is not separate from your overall corporate communications strategy. Focus on utilizing the website to assist other communications channels.
  3. Are there any solutions our customers are using the web to find that we can provide? Draw new visitors to your website and provide extra value by clearly demonstrating how your offering solves real problems for customers. Go as far as exchanging contact information for reports and studies that tell visitors exactly how to solve the problems they face.
  4. What is our executives roll for direct communications with customers, employees, or partners via the website? (I'd like your opinion on this, visit the survey "Executive Opinions of Building Business Relationships On-line") Your website will provide a great opportunity for executives to speak directly with those who contribute to your success. While this has great benefits, if not properly managed, could hurt the company.
  5. Who will wants to be reached by our website and how can we make available existing communications channels? Segment your customer base providing what each group is looking for when they visit your website. Group information in logical units based on customers desires. Use subject based navigation as well as hierarchal maps.
  6. How can we advance customer, employee, and strategic partner relationships? Keep everyone involved with your company and aware of current happens (especially when they benefit them directly.) Consider separate areas on your website for customers, employees, and strategic partners. Use password protection to secure private information.
  7. How will we measure success in this project? Websites are about gathering information and selling product -- everything else is auxiliary. Use profit as a measure of success, profit both over the cost of site development and its contribution to the companies bottom line.

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