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Finally Blocking Of Telemarketing Calls Begins With National Registry

National Registry for Blocking Telemarketer Calls Begins. A national do-not-call registry will open Friday for anyone who wants to block sales calls. By Jennifer 8. Lee. [New York Times: Business]

I got 7 calls today from companies trying to sell me stuff I don't need, don't want, and have never even consider buying. The most irritating thing was the second line here rang about 10 minutes later with the same recorded calls. I'm very happy this national do-not-call register is available for the United States (let me know if similar is available in the United Kingdom, I'm always interested in tagging my database.)

While many of these database are oriented toward consumer phone numbers, it doesn't hurt to run your house data against these registries to protect your company. You don't actually have to purge the record, but be sure not to call it with an automated system or for any other reason that you haven't been given specific permission to do so. You can be fined if someone you call request you not call again and you violate that request.

For my clients I recommend a permission flag for each communications channel (i.e. phone, fax, email, mail) and track these values individually. Often customers will welcome unsolicited direct mail, but be very upset receiving the same by phone. Improve customer relationships by respecting preferred communications channels.

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