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Geographic Targeting Technology Improves Focus

Online Locator Software Use Grows. The market is growing for software that finds Internet users' locations. By Bob Tedeschi. [New York Times: Technology]

Back in 1994, I managed several software development environments located over several regions. We communicated with networks who had the same IP addresses, but were connected by bridges.

To make a long story short, we coded lat/long information in the DNS records. A simple query provided the location of the system which was referenced against a chart. The same could be done with todays points of present (POP), it would provide some idea of visitors location -- the lat/long can be checked against a ZIP code database.

For more information about coding lat/long into DNS records visit Geo-enabling the Domain Name System

Geographic targeting can improve marketing effectiveness

In effect, you could completely integrate on-line visitor information with viewing demographics for television or radio commercials. This information would allow you to cleanly test mediums against each other with more accurate results.

You could also match region saturation for multichannel campaigns -- i.e. your print advertisement in the New York region generated a heavy increase in web visitors, while the same campaign in Greater Washington DC didn't. You could see differences in your target markets use of the Internet, perhaps testing more interactive marketing in New York and more direct mail in Washington.

Later Internet service providers could sell browsing behavior information by region, further improving your ability to target advertising and understand user buying behavior. Right now try to at least collect customers phone number or zip code in every transaction. Both will allow you to test for regional variance in marketing campaigns and customer attitudes.

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