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Growing Business Relationships Through Permission

The Permission Tree: Growing A Relationship One Branch At A Time by Dana Blankenhorn. "Information makes a prospect much more valuable." [MarketingProfs]

I use a similar method in my own business and highly recommend looking at a permission strategy for your business, it significantly demonstrates your respect for you relationship with the customer. You must respect the time of your customers and getting their permission to market them is a critical way to do this.

In my shop I use 5 customer designated media preferences, and group leads by product line. This way a customer has the option not to receive mail offers about X, but can request email offers about Y. Give your customers the most flexibility, let them trigger your marketing actions at their request.

In my CRM system, I'm also tracking buying channels so I can tune how I sell to individuals. Remember, there are businesses out there who need and may even want to buy your product -- its only a matter of providing your offer to them when they most want to receive it.

While this article focuses on the on-line customer interactions, these strategies work for all customer communications channels. If you need more information how to setup a permission plan integrated with your marketing database, call (757) 282-7779 for a free 20-minute consultation. Even if you just have a few questions, I'll be happy to support your needs.

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