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How Your Website Looks Is Important To Buyers

Design Very Important to E-Commerce. eMarketer: Importance of Site Design to E-Commerce ... According to a new study from Genex, 36.2% say site design is very important, 28.7% say it is extremely important, and 13.5% say it is somewhat important. These people also say they will leave a poorly designed site for a better design site to buy their goods. [MarketingFix]

Just like in any encounter, first impressions matter. While your website doesn't have to be fancy (or even flashy), it needs to fit the corporate identity if you want customers to take you seriously. For a prospective customer who hasn't met any of your people, the professional appearance of your website (all marketing collateral) makes a huge difference.

What this report didn't say is that (a) it's function over fashion, (b) ease of use is just as important, (c) visitors want to be able to find what they are looking for quickly, (d) your website should load fast (<15 sec a page), and (e) your search tool should be easy to find. Your corporate website must be all these things if you expect visitors to engage in e-commerce with your company.

While the Center for Strategic Relations website isn't very visual appealing it was designed to meet these measures. In fact, the underlying design makes all parts of the site accessible in 3 to 4 clicks, and searchable in less. Visitors can quickly find what they need and move on to the implementation of information.

Our audience enjoys the no-frills approach because they generally don't have time for the images to load on mobile devices or while on travel. While this simple design works for us, it may not support the needs of your company.

How do I know who and what my audience wants in a website? After all, design is a subjective aspect of a website. Survey your audience regularly asking: (a) When you visited our site what were your objectives?, (b) Did you accomplish what you set out to do?, (c) What features could the site have to help you reach that objective?, and (d) What is a reasonable amount of time to accomplish this?

For more information visit "Developing Business-to-Business Websites for Cultivating Relationships and Sales" or call for a "Website Relationship Assessment".

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