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I'm Experimenting With Webloging Once Again

Why do I blog? I like that I can bring together all the relevant news in an industry, then comment on the elements important to my clients. Without a lot of effort on my part, those comments can be redistributed to clients desktops (or to a private area on the web or intranet.) The ultimate in commentary, a living document experience.

What will you find in this weblog?

I plan to publish notes for all my upcoming books as I bring them together. The format will include simple commentary, extracts, and other original materials. I'll do my best to make the items useful, but many may be provided out of context.

I'll expand my thoughts on a topic, and document experiences with customers in the first person. This is a conversation between me and you, complete with contextual links to provide more information and a means for your to provide feedback.

Overtime, these materials will be incorporated into my books and publications. Regular weblog readers will have an upper hand on the market place, plus have the opportunity to shape these materials to their own needs. (Without expensive consulting.)

What is the strategic relations lesson?

Whenever possible, save your paying customers time. I have notebooks full of notes, hundreds of unpublished articles (kind of like those you see here), but they do no good sitting in my office collecting dust. You probably have talent in your company your customers don't even know about -- and even worse, talent your customers would be happy to pay for if they knew you had it.

You can establish credibility with your customers by sharing useful information they can use to improve what they do with your product. While I share notes about improving business relationships, you could

The list is unlimited as long as the materials extend your value to the customer and build credibility with that audience. Whether in print publications or on your website, you have something to share that will save your customer time.

Some caveats -- don't share anything that your competition would be interested in seeing. In my industry I work closely with a number of consultants who you will see featured at this site, however, I still am careful about specific customer case (or even mentioning clients names.) Respect the privacy of your customers and protect your organizations brand.

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