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Insights From A Former Airport CEO, Max Moore-Wilton

Business Breakfast - 24/06/2003: Moore-Wilton discusses time as Sydney Airport CEO. a relationship business. We want to have good relationships with all of our customers - the airlines, Qantas is very important. All of the [Daypop Search - business relationship]

A great example of the value of business relationships. Often we find our companies serving multiple customers -- in the IT world it's the end-user, buyer, distributor, and reseller. As the service side of airports (and other ports) fall under my target audience, here are a few items abstracted from this interview.

  1. Look for the unknown customers. While airports serve those using air travel, they provide services to import/export of materials, air line companies, and the local business community. Who else does your business serve or even generate revenue from? Often overlooked customers can be cultivated into more profitable customers.
  2. Long-term planning should consider all business relationships. Everything from changes in local tax structures to the growing concern for terrorism, by segmenting your customers base you can understand how each of these areas influence existing relationships.
  3. Look to service partners to expand your capabilities. In this interview DHL invested $9 million into new facilities of the Sydney Airport, this helps DHL while providing a future resource for the Airport. Where could you work together with partners to extend your value to a customer base?

Are you an airport executive (or involved in import/export) interested understanding how business relationships can improve your bottom line? Whether you are having issues with anti-terrorism, or logistics management, I can bring a team to address these relationship issues. Call today to learn more about my business partners that can help your facility solve any problem.

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