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Making Data Useful To All Involved

Sidebar: Dashboards: Outside Looking In. Dashboards aren't just for employees inside the company. A Web-based dashboard can be a tool for providing valuable data to customers in the supply chain, too. [Computerworld E-business News]

Dashboard technology provides a single view to multiple real-time statistics about a process or organization. While this article is short of details, a dashboard could be used to track statistics pertaining to customer interaction points.

Ideally it would overlay these stats on a model of your supply chain or customer interaction points. Depending on where you are in the system, you can view various parts of the system.

How would this dashboard concept help your company?

These using triggers various parts of the system would change color (like Metastorm's e-Work interface with a back-end data engine) indicating areas that need attention. I can see it now, the corporate control center with real-time accounting statistics, trend information, and complete demographics of the entire customer database.

"Mr. Evans, Our customers conversion ratios are down 6 points since Friday, I want to see you in my office now." Or maybe, the system notifies Mr. Evans to get his excuses together and schedules a tentative meeting. While this sounds fun, real-time only produces more stress.

Let's take the dashboard concept and blend it with traditional reporting. Do you think you can get all your company vital statistics to a single 11" by 17" page? Actually you can, and you will find graphical representations of this vital information (even updated weekly) will help you make better decisions.

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