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Making the Web Work for You

____. Making the Web Work for You. (Darwin Magazine, Executive Survival Guide)

This report, Making the Web Work for You, covers the basics of getting the most from your web investment. It provides some insights on business-to-business relationships and has an interesting table of contents. If you're looking for a basic overview report, this report is for you.

In my research for Business-to-Business Web site's for Cultivating Relationships, I'm finding lots of basic materials to get you started on-line, but very few that address an integrated marketing philosophy. I hope in this tutorial and substantial book to cover a broader scope of getting the most from all customer interactions.

Your success on-line (or anywhere in business) is usually a composite of many factors. Don't think that just because the Internet is popular that it will replace what you are currently doing in business. If you're like most companies, you know your people could be better at what they do now. Stay tuned for specific ideas you can use to improve todays efforts.

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