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Nobody Ever Likes Poor Customer Service

Nothing irritates me more than poor customer service. You might be making the same mistakes in your business. I'm not going to mention any names, but here are three things you should do to avoid upsetting your customers:

  1. Keep customers aware of order status. If an order should take longer or shorter than the average order (or the customer expected) then someone should contact the customer accordingly. Don't keep customers waiting.
  2. Never skip a work phase without the customers permission. If you offered the customer proofs and they haven't been sent, then don't start the production until they are approved. Always get permission.
  3. When a customer requests information turn it around quickly. If you can't return a customers call, or email, drop them a note letting them know you got the message and will get back to them at a specific date.
  4. Look at a customers potential value, not current order. While this transaction may be small, consider the lifetime value of a customer in every interaction. Earn the right to continue to do business with them by being polite.

When you irritate customers, you are interrupting the flow of income to your company. In most cases customers won't event tell you (most likely they will just say bad things about you behind your back -- like I'm doing here.)

While many organizations feel they do these things, you really have to check. It only takes one front line person to mess up a customer relationships, and it will be months before you notice it in the executive office.

How many of these places do you miss out? When was the last time you were a mystery buyer to your own company? How do you measure the customers prospective in these areas?

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