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Put Your On-line Marketing Dollars Where It Matters

SEM: More expensive than you might think. The very wise Kevin Lee has written in ClickZ this week about some of the costs of Search Engine... [Gary Stein]

In my report "How B2B Companies Build Powerful Strategic Relations On-line" I state that B2B companies interested in building relationships with buying customers should concentrate on advertising where the buyers are over search engine optimization. Gary's comments expand on the area of Search Engine Marketing and will give you more insight about being seen on the web.

Search engines will find you if your first support your customers desires, second, help potential buyers find what they need, and finally leverage references to your website from existing sites with a high percentage of your buying audience. This means use public relations to have them talking about you, get products reviewed, test various ad space and sponsorships, and be involved in user communities related to your offering.

Also read Is SEM Becoming Unaffordable? by Kevin Lee for more channels to get your website found. After building a website that garners relationship building methods, test at least one of the methods he presents. Kevin also provides some insights on why paid on-line marketing campaigns fail.

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