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Role Of Business Relationships In Innovation

Innovating for the Next Big Thing. Innovating for the Next Big Thing -- From Dave Pollard's How to Save the World weblog...

innovation[Frank Patrick's Focused Performance Blog]

Solid process and open purposeful communications is the key to any strong relationship in business. I feel strong business relationships are the key to new innovation because people feel open to share ideas. The above diagram and referenced commentary is only the beginning of an important change in business.

What is that change? It's a change in how businesses communicate with each other -- while it is a primitive concept to share information, technology is enabling the sharing and catalog of new ideas as it has never before.

I'm not one for "next big thing" statements, I'm even known to be an advocate of using existing knowledge more fully, but in this case business relationships are improved with open channels of communication if bundled with action.

Basically follow a cycle of creating new ideas, testing them, talking about them, improving them again, then testing again. Continuing till you have a usable product you can introduce to a buying marketplace. The process in the diagram above is a useful method, you could develop your own, or using the theme of this comment, you could try this one and improve on it.

Do you see how powerful this can be? Take an existing idea, try it, then look at ways to improve it -- continually growing from past experiences you produce a record that others can learn from. After all, many people had Newton's ideas, but he wrote them down and tested his thoughts.

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