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The Network Of Relationships In Business

Jay Cross: Another look at learning. Jay Cross: Another look at learning The point of learning is to prosper within our chosen communities. Learning enables us to enjoy relationships and knowledge. [elearningpost]

Jay Cross presents a wonderful look at the world around us in the perspective of learning. The same "networked" or systems view applies in strategic relations. Success in business relationships is directly related to structure and friction of business networks.

In the vein of information exchange, friction is caused by not sharing information necessary to advance the relationship. This includes logistical details that improve shipping, customer communications that facilitate "the right purchase", and many more areas that smooth the transaction. Are there any areas in your business that cause "friction" in your ability to work with others in your business?

When you look at your business, do you see a company in a sea of competition, or do you see your organization as an organ in a viable industry? Your view focuses your company's actions. Gain a larger prospective of your organization, stand back an look at how your company interacts with other companies (i.e. supply chain, distribution channels, community influence, ...)

Relationship type network issues to keep in mind:

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