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Use Surveys To Better Understand Customers Needs

Surveys can be a great way to get in touch with your customers needs. I regularly publish surveys to help me better understand business executives and readers of this website, even use them in promoting my business. Properly conducted surveys can even improve business relationships.

The more you understand your customers needs the easier it will be to fulfill them. Here are a number of resources that can help you improve your teams survey building skills.

  1. Kevin Boone has a great resource on How to conduct a survey, it provides guidelines for building smaller scale questionnaires. Key points mentioned include a clear objective and removing bias. Without clear objectives don't bother to do a survey, your results won't have any value.
  2. Virginia Tech Center for Survey Research offers tips on Conducting a Survey, including key concerns for survey reliability. This short article touches on both telephone and mail surveys, plus how to build questions.
  3. While Planning and conducting a survey is oriented to work in epidemiology it provides a great step-by-step method for putting together a survey with some comments about point-of-view as it influences survey results.

Tips for building surveys: (a summary of some of the above materials) --
  1. Do background research to determine what is already known about the area of study.
  2. Develop a survey objective based both on the information you desire and its use.
  3. Build questions to focus on single topics, use question types appropriate for information gathered.
  4. Wrap difficult or controversial questions between easy to answer questions.
  5. Choose a survey method appropriate to your audience and selected questions.
  6. Produce enough responses before analysis, seek statistically relevant samples.

The right survey can open the minds of your customers to find exactly what products they want to buy, they can qualify prospects to show you were to spend time, and identify unique challenges to solve for your market place. Invest time in understanding the power of survey, it will create results in your business profits.

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Justin Hitt helps you reach into the minds of your customers to improve buying relationships, customer loyalty, and results for your business. Schedule your consultation today to talk about creating results with surveys for your business, visit https://www.justinhitt.com/
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