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Your Local Trade Office Wants You

States Line Up to Woo Biotech. The Biotechnology Industry Organization's annual meeting is drawing state and local representatives hungry for a piece of the action, although some folks at home say they aren't getting enough information before labs are built next door. By Kristen Philipkoski. [Wired News]

If you are in the biotechnology industry (as many of my subscribers are) you must establish a good relationship with your state -- no matter what business your in, your state might want your business.

Remember, If you are a successful business your local economy benefits through taxation. This is especially true in the United States.

The jobs you create, the revenue you produce, and every capital improve you provide helps both you and your community. Did you know that every county, state, and region has local trade offices that want to talk with you today. Start building meaningful relationships with these people and you will be surprised how you might help each other.

Three economic development groups I'm working with (who may be interested talking with you) are the Department of Economic and Community Development (St. Marys County, Maryland, USA), the Patuxent Partnership, and the Hampton Roads Economic Development Alliance. [Ed. If you're a high technology company interested in the areas served by these groups call me at (757) 282-7779 for a personal introduction -- after a short pre-screening, I'll put you in touch with my contacts most appropriate for your business. After all, this is what a strategic relations consultant does.]

Each of these organizations work with a network of banks, real estate developers, and other organizations interested in doing business with viable companies who will create new jobs. Just as I describe in my report "Are You Still Concerned About The Economy?" its all a matter of working with the right people, and your local economic development groups know just who to talk with.

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