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A Temporary Workforce Isn't A Loyal One

Hiring on the Fly. Northrop rationalizes spending on contingent work force. [Technology News from eWEEK and Ziff Davis]

While software allows us the ability to manage humans as just-in-time components of our overall business system, How are we to build a strong and loyal workforce if everyone is disposable?

Contingent workers have a place, especially when ramping up project, tests and other projects where the entire team knows it's a temporary situation. However, for your businesses daily operations focus on building teams of people who feel committed to your organization.

Temporary workers don't embrace company culture, or even care much about your business objectives. They know they will leave when the project is done. While todays contingent workforce is closely related to subcontracting man-hour services, no one knows how cost effective this type of workforce really is.

I've seen situations were projects are drawn out to improve subcontractor profitability, and even to float staff who may not have billable hours elsewhere. In the government contracting world, I've seen loading of hours to idle contracts. Sure, employees could do the same, but there is no financial incentive to cheat on yourself.

From the prospective of building strong business relationships, select a core of your business that should not be outsourced. This group of managers, area experts, and sensitive materials handlers keep the nerve system of your organization moving toward corporate objectives. You'll be the better for this decision.

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