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Business Forums Are A Powerful Relationship Building Tool

Business Forum Brings R80m in Deals. Deals worth about 80m were signed during last week's African Business Forum, sparking interest in holding the event, which brings together top business leaders, each year . [AllAfrica News: Economy, Business and Finance]

The African Business Forum is a great example of the power business forums have to bring together buyers and sellers to produce stronger business relationships. The key to success in this type of event is to work on developing new contacts and relationships. Be open to offer what you have, and let people know what you are looking to purchase.

The Center for Strategic Relations offers two services along these lines, including FYEO Trade Alerts and Applying Strategic Relations --

The best trade forums focus on specific industries. As the services provided by the Center focus on technology based companies internationally, you'll find regional and national forums focusing on the specific trade concerns of the area they serve. If you join this kind of group, you are expected to constructively participate-- give more than you get at first and you'll find new doors open to your organization.

How to establish new relationships through trade and business forums:

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