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Create Influence Through Relationship Management

It's not who you know that matters as much as who knows you. You know the President of the United States by name, but if you needed his approval for a certain piece of legislation of your interest, would he know you enough to sign. Relationship management is a part of strategic relations and an important part of your executive career.

If you were a member of congress or clearly provided some other value to the President, perhaps your legislation would be considered. However, until people of influence know you, you aren't likely to get what you want. The same is true with customers and employees, you either need to be the person of influence or be known by them if you want to influence others.

Relationship management is about how people interact with each other among the eight relationship realms. Each of these relationship realms may have separate objectives, but combine together to produce an individuals sphere of influence. You influence what others need the same as others influence what you need.

To make things happen for your business, you must identify those things people of influence want and provide it in a way that advances your own objectives. You'll find people of influence everywhere in your life and at all levels of society. Be clear about your objectives, be known by people of influence through the value you create, and you'll attract the influence you desire.

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