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Every Executive Will Be Replaced Some Time Or Another

Charles de Gaulle. "The graveyards are full of indispensable men." [Quotes of the Day]

In respect to your business relationship with yourself, when was the last time you brought up a replacement. Many executives today work too hard, have too many regrets, and are damaging their health for what ever is next. No matter where you are, you'll always want more, so why not enjoy what you have.

The strategies of strong business relationships help you produce a network of stronger people around you. These people create the environment that is your business, they help your business reach its objectives, and in term help you reach your own. Are you really enjoying what you are doing with your business?

I encourage you to keep an eye out for a "younger, more capable individual" to take your place someday. It isn't about you being unable to provide your organization what it needs, it's about continuance. If anything should happen to you, have a team that can stand on it's own.

Often managers fear if they find someone who can outperform them, that they will soon be replaced. What do you have to fear? If you have a vested interest in the equity of a company, and someone can create greater profits, well let them. Your replacement doesn't have to take over tomorrow -- cultivate teams of people who can take over in years.

In searching for your replacement, surround yourself with able bodied individuals who help you excel. You don't have to be all things to your company, just compel other people to take the business were it should be. Enjoy the satisfaction of the great things your people can do for the company, take yourself to where you want to be, not where you think you are.

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By Justin Hitt at July 19, 2003 3:30 AM  Subscribe in a reader


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