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Farmer-Turned-Business Leader Gives Tips On Success (Abstract)

Farmer-turned-business Leader Gives Tips on Success. A former farmer who rose to become president of a group of Chinese enterprises has published a book on running a successful business. [People's Daily: Business]

Yuan Qinsheng's book "Liberal and Human-centered Approaches in Management" outlines "human-centered" management approaches and other techniques; he also argues the points of:

Two points that really stood out in this article (with commentary):

  1. Pays great attention to the general development of employees. The stronger your employees are the more they can accomplish for the business. Too often we fear our employees will take over if they are smarter than the managers, but this just isn't true. Train your employees how to do their job, constantly tune their skills while advancing them in their careers. In addition to teaching job based skills, teach employees how to develop additional sales that enable their financial growth.
  2. A good manager should try to "win understanding and support of family members of workers". Modern workers spend more time away from there families, by engineering strong relationships with the personal relationships around each employees you can reduce the individuals stress. This could be as simple as being flexible around family events, sending a birthday card to children, or make available special evening events for spouses.

If you would like an English translation of this book, I've got connections in Hong Kong that could arrange a copy for you. Write me. A number of my articles have been translated into Chinese, if you're not already doing business in China, you should look into it.

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