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Is This How You Treat Your Customers?

Emo Phillips. "At my lemonade stand I used to give the first glass away free and charge five dollars for the second glass. The refill contained the antidote." [Quotes of the Day]

Is this how you treat customers who buy your products? You would (maybe you wouldn't) be surprised how many large companies sell inferior products, just so you have to buy the fix. Think about the software industry.

In the commercial software industry people often buy products that are only usable if they buy more memory, or even the upgrade a few months after the purchase. It's like the disappointment your children would feel receiving holiday gifts without the necessary batteries to operate them. While this generates great profit for your business and its partners, it's bad for the customer relationship.

How do you avoid this type of annoyance?

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By Justin Hitt at July 7, 2003 5:07 PM  Subscribe in a reader


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