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It Is Time To Bring Blogging Home In The Business World

5 Key Questions (You've Been Dying) To Ask About Business Blogs. 'Nuff said! Well, really the whole article has some good things to say about business blogging and why you might choose it over an email newsletter. [Boyink Interactive, LLC]

I highly recommend every Debbie Weil has to say. I've been following her through her WordBiz newsletter and found it very useful in improving my marketing copywriting. Your company should be seriously considering the use of weblogs for internal knowledge management.

Blogging serves as a useful way to discuss abstract information while capturing the thoughts in writing. It provides individuals a way to express their views on individual topics without direct real-time conversations. If your people are busy, blogging can help them stay in touch without the risk of losing information laden email messages.

How to use make weblogs useful for internal discussions...

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