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Perfect Example Of CEO Involvement In Real-Time Communications

Yes, I have a comment... Yes, it's true.. Have you ever noticed how often companies -- when information about them is leaked out prematurely to the press -- either refuse to comment or they deny the story? [bourland.com]

Andy Bourland (a CEO) saw information leaked about his company on-line. Instead of the usual "no comment" he addressed the issue head on with a well thought-out response. Using a Weblog he was able to extend the buzz of the original coverage, while pitching some history about the company.

In "Relationship building examples using a web log" I discuss using a weblog as a means for executives to comment on news coverage to share the companies prospective -- other benefits include:

  1. Highlight product reviews and mention. Your prospective customers aren't going to see every product review or mention. Your weblog becomes a tool to point them out and add relevant commentary.
  2. Extending the buzz about good press. When you can add to positive news, you can draw out the time of coverage, this keeps good news about your company relevant and helps it reach the largest audience.
  3. Present the companies counter on bad news. Don't let the news present the only side to a story. Counter negative publicity with facts that can support damage control.
  4. Announce special events important to executive. Does your company support a particular charity? Share with readers insights about the things your company does for its community.
  5. Reinforce customer service initiatives. Let customers know why certain initiatives are important to your employees, and what that means to the customer. This soft marketing humanizes your organization.
  6. Educate customer about corporate mission. While your employees know what your company is all about, share "why you do what you do" with prospective customers. Extend your purpose for being with those who might buy.

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By Justin Hitt at July 11, 2003 2:55 PM  Subscribe in a reader


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