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Rediscovering Relational Wisdom For The Global Executive

The bigger picture. Conventional wisdom has it that specialisation is good. But for someone trying to navigate an increasingly competitive economy, what is (increasingly) needed is not just specialised know-how, but its opposite: an integrated world view. [Economist.com, Global Executive]

The knowledge type presented in this article is a special type of relational wisdom, the understanding of knowledge as part of an overall system. As an executive you should have specialized knowledge in one or two areas, plus an understanding of how those areas influence the larger system to which you are involved.

This type of understanding isn't new, it isn't a technique. Relational wisdom is like the knowledge you have about your favorite hobby -- it's known how to play baseball, names of top players, and the tools involved. You might be an expert in one area, while holding an understanding of the other areas.

A key to using this intelligence is to know when you are an expert and when you need others to be experts. In strategic relations this type of intelligence lets you be an expert in customer relationships while strong in employee and strategic partner relationships. You accomplish this by strengthening your abilities in common contributing factors to the desired result in these seemingly diverse areas.

In perspective, relational wisdom is the reading, writing, and arithmetic of basic education -- common tools applied to larger problems to solve them in the context of a desired solution.

Strengths of relational wisdom:

Drawbacks to relational wisdom:

More often than not, specialists are dysfunctional in other areas that limit their productivity. Today's economy needs useful individuals who can adapt to change. Like our prehistoric ancestors we need the flexibility to change with our environment, the rigidity of the industry age doesn't apply.

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