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Shoppers Demand Decent Design (Abstract)

Your website is important to sales. While this report regards retail shoppers, one has to assume some carry-over to B2B sales. Retailing: Shoppers Demand Decent Design [B2Blog]

Dave over at B2Blog brought this report to my attention, he's got a great point that much of the report could translate to improvements in B2B website sales. I really enjoy his comments on B2B websites and appreciate his technical insights.

According to Robyn Greenspan's original article (abstracted here), "First impressions are very important to on-line shoppers." This shouldn't be a surprise, first impressions are very important to every aspect of a business relationship.

While the original article is from a retailing prospective, these factors apply to the B2B world. Consider these facts in your website design:

This article continues to compare these findings with those of other reports looking at similar factors. The overall consistencies were staggering, you don't need a slick site as much as one easy for visitors to find exactly what they want.

One participant described their preference for sites designed "by people who want to get you the information that you need." Most respondents preferred a polished, professional look that creates a trustworthy feel (not overly slick.)

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