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Successful Executive Relationship Leadership Development

Leadership Secrets of Successful Projects. Project success is fairly easy to spot. The project is well underway, its sailing along with very few surprises and just a few hurdles to jump over. [Navigating Business with Technology]

Kimberly Black presents some great points about addressing failing projects. Her advice to identify, reduce and simplify hold true in building strategic relationships in business.

  1. Identify. Know why each party is in the relationship and mutually communicate your objectives.
  2. Reduce. Limit distracting factors that take away from the objectives of the relationship or introduce stresses.
  3. Simplify. Address problems in the relationship instead of waiting for them to become more complex.

When you experience challenges in a business relationship, the three steps shared here can put it back on track. While this note presents an overview, you can learn more about building profitable relationships in business with customers, employees, and strategic partners with a subscription to the Strategic Relations Journal.

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