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There Is More To CRM Implementation

How Can I Build a Case for CRM Today? Five strategies that will empower managers to maintain and revitalize senior management and organizational support for CRM. [Moreover - CRM news]

Well, Kamran Hasanain's article is only partially right. In 27 Ways to CRM Return on Investment I provide a complete guide to CRM implementation, so I won't rehash that here again. While the title of this article alludes to reasons why a company should have CRM, in body it talks mainly about CRM implementation.

A few things about Mr. Hasanain's article could be improved:

What is right about this article:

Perhaps Mr. Hasanain was trying to cover a larger body of materials in this short article. I visited his website at K|Sciences, Hasanain is the CEO of this CRM integration firm, and they offer a variety of services, so don't write them off without giving them the once-over. It's only this article I have objections with.

See also: Role Based CRM Training Strategies That Improve Buy-In Among Users, 27 Ways to CRM Return on Investment, A Process Oriented Approach to CRM Implementation

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