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Turn A Gray Cloud Into A Golden Media Opportunity

Planet PDF: Adobe's Robert McDaniels responds (again) to Nielsen criticisms of PDF. "Many of the "PDF Usability Crimes" you cite have nothing to do with Acrobat or PDF but are the result of poor design choices. [elearningpost]

When experts disagree, they both can get positive news coverage. Always consider how constructive dialog with those who put down your products or services can be turned into something to promote your organization. Especially when the media is interested, often they will give equal coverage to both sides of the story as you hash out the point at hand.

Note the Orbitz website crash blamed on Oracle, that whole situation could have been handled better. For Orbitz to have this problem so soon after a change in IT leadership and to blame everything on Oracle, it makes both parties look at fault. All this happens while Oracle presses forward with heavy bidding for PeopleSoft.

How would you have handled either situation? Oracle just pressed on, warning of an unrelated security flaw and posting more news about their PeopleSoft adventure-- they didn't do anything out of the ordinary to address the situation. McDaniels pointed out common failures in other document formats and published a point-by-point bulletin addressing concerns.

It doesn't matter as much what they do for the media, but what would you do for your customers?

How to turn poor media coverage, a difference of opinion, or a major product failure into a gold mine:

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