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What The Best B-To-B Websites Did Right And Wrong

Morrison, Mary E. The 2002 NetMarketing 100: Best B-To-B Web Sites. Identified the best b-to-b Web sites across 14 industries. Evolved beyond the static online brochures to powerful, immediate and interactive marketing assets.

For the sixth year, BtoB Online considered 800 sites in the business-to-business web space. Winning sites must present relevant information in an easy-to-find fashion. Here is a summary of what the best sites featured, and what many sites did wrong.

Best sites featured:

Bad news for many sites:

List includes scoring for top sites, industry, and specific comments by judges.

See also: "Shoppers Demand Decent Design (Abstract)", "What are you assuming your website visitors already know", "Top Sites' User Experience Teams and Their Challenge (Abstract)"

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