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You Can Make Profits And Be Ethical Too

I frequently talk about producing more profits for your business, often this upsets readers. Some say it's greedy to measure individual customer profitability and work to gain the most out of each transaction. Sure, It it might be greedy if you aren't providing excellent value for your customers dollar, and making sure they have exactly what they desire.

Shel Horowitz, publisher of the Monthly Frugal Marketing Tip newsletter and author of "Principled Profit: Marketing That Puts People First" demonstrates you can be both profitable and ethical in practice. In fact, Shel Horowitz says "the businesses ... that stake their marketing strategy on building positive long-term relationships ... will be around for the long term."

I agree whole-heartedly in what Shel has to say. By putting honesty, integrity, and quality in the forefront of the actions you take in business, you can be profitable. Your business relationships with customer, employee, suppliers, and even competitors will grow. In fact, you can position your company to be well respected in your field of business.

Some points covered in the book include:

You don't have to go the way of Enron, Worldcom, and Tyco to get ahead. Good'ole fashion principles can produce profits.

See also: "Facts about Profitable Customers", "Strategies for more Profitable Customers", More about Principled Profit

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