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Communications On-Line Must Be Clear To Build Relationships

I've been swapping around experiences with Lee LeFever, an Online Communications Planning Consultant. The following are great resources for using your website to develop business relationships.

LeFever's coverage of community communications are valuable to bring customers together around your product. When you develop a culture around your product you support the emotional desires of buyers (help them feel like they belong more than owning a product.)

I consider an executive a community manager, at times you need to go before employees or customers to rally up the team to meet specific objectives. By thinking about your organization as a collaborative community of independent employees, customers, and strategic partners you'll see new opportunities to increase profits. For example:

Web based communications serve as a useful medium to reach the largest audience possible in the most interactive way. If managed correctly, you can share the personal touch that translates into greater loyalty, higher profits, and lower costs.

Lee LeFever helps organizations discover, implement, and manage on-line communities and other social software resources. Visit Common Craft to learn more about what he can do for you.

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