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Look Sharp To Improve Business Relationships

Only skin-deep? Attractiveness pays off, researchers find [IHT: Business]

People want to please attractive people, fortunately the level of ones physical attractiveness is relative within social groups. Attractiveness is also measured by your actions. If you appeal to your employees, you're more likely to be followed.

While this seems like an odd leadership skill, encourage your managers to put their best foot forward. Help employees learn that how they look influences how customers feel. Notice your best sales people are your most attractive.

How to keep your company looking sharp,

  1. Be prompt and polite in all communications. Your internal and external communications should be respectful of individuals needs, it does no good to be polite with customers then rude with internal staff. Seek consistency in all areas of communications.
  2. Ban casual Friday! I've always noticed employees treated "casual Friday" as a day for casual clothing and attitudes toward customers. Encourage staff to look their best for the role they play and ask them to consider how they represent the organization.
  3. Clear out the clutter and demonstrate organization. Encourage clean offices that are well organized. The more junk laying around (including stacks of papers) the more distracts from the individuals core objectives.
  4. Present yourself in an appropriate manner. Executives usually don't have this issue, but always dress for your position-- be someone your front line employees can look up too. You don't need to impress them, just be someone they can respect.
  5. Set customer expectations from the first interaction. Seek consistency in all your communications both visual and written. Utilize simple but standard guidelines for business communications that promote a positive impression of your organization.
  6. Start from the customers prospective. Focus your improvement from the customer interactions. Start in your service centers improving phone skills, help sales people with presentation, and work through each department tuning soft skills to make your company more attractive.

Visit any of the most successful companies highly regarded from great customer service-- you'll find a certain level of physical attractiveness in both the people and properties of the organization. This simple investment can improve your revenues, more customers will want to be associated with your organization.

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By Justin Hitt at August 28, 2003 1:56 PM  Subscribe in a reader


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