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The New Focus Is On Customer Services (Abstract)

The New Focus Is on Customer Services. These days everyone seems to be defined as a customer. A bank-account holder, a commuter, an online shopper, an end user of corporate IT systems -- one thing that unites all these people is their status as a customer. And the one thing that all customers want, and expect, is "service." [CRMDaily]

"Acronyms are the secret language of the obscure, designed to degrade those not in the know. Describing a thing in a way understood by all is inclusive and as valuable as gold." -- Justin Hitt, 2003.

It is not clear to me why we rename things that already are known. I guess it makes old concepts new against. This articles introduces ITSM and ITIL, two acronyms I don't want to hear a single customer of mine use. But for your reference:

Maybe we need these new terms because IT people aren't always friendly to those outside their group, perhaps it's punishment for the technology acquisition binge we experienced from 1996 through early-2002. Often during that period, companies bought technology just because it was new, not because it solve existing problems better, but it was the "bleeding-edge."

I will agree with Collin Brown in his article The New Focus Is on Customer Services, I agree with him in the following areas:

I've made the following observations from my experience. Here I include both the observation and my comments that may help you benefit from them:

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