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Turn Data Collection Into Customer Relationships

At any point you communicate with customers you should collect certain information that improves your ability to serve their needs. While consumers quickly become concern about their privacy, business-to-business customers expect you to use this information to their benefit.

If you collect customer information here are some things to do with it:

  1. Measure changes in customer demographics as you release new products to better serve customer needs,
  2. Review changes in customer concerns so that get an understanding of how your actions influence them,
  3. Prequalify prospects into sales funnel in a way that educates them about product and service offerings,
  4. Identify enhancements desired for future models or service areas you are not already addressing,
  5. Constantly measure customer satisfaction through multiple channels as part of the service process,
  6. Obtain referrals to new customers through customer interactions while prequalifying those not yet customers,
  7. Reduce service costs by gaining metrics for between action points of the customer interaction,
  8. Gain a better understanding of the characteristics of profitable customers so that you can identify new market segments or approaches,
  9. Know when a customer is ready to buy through event measures collected with market surveys and research tools,

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