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What Does Your Message Mean To Customers?

Recognition of a pitch: Branding. In So much for branding Seth comments on an article about how irrelevant branding can be in today's over-advertised world. [inluminent]

The message you share with your customers should guide your employees and draw out the most qualified customers. It should identify your organization with the unique reason to do business with your company. Your message should clearly identify your business in the mind of buyers.

Often the message we share, elevator pitch, or mission statement doesn't have meaning to anyone but a select group of insiders-- which it virtually useless to advancing your products. This message is a pitch that summarizes your entire organizations purpose.

Staying in the minds of your prospective and existing customers is part of building strong profitable relationships. When you are recognized by others you gain credibility. Do you remember those people important in your life?

The message you share with customers should provide them the unique benefit of doing business with you. This reason to buy is delivered in a short focused statement. A message for your company to embrace-- but a waste of time if not meaningful to the customer.

The "Center for Strategic Relations" message is that we help executives build stronger business relationships-- but even that isn't strong enough. A more powerful statement, one that gives readers a full understanding of the value provided is "To help executives ethically turn business relationships into sustainable profits." Which statement provides the specific value to the target reader?

Read more about elevator pitches, mission statements, and branding in the following resources:

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