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What Your Engineers Know About Improving Sales

Your engineers know things about your product that your customer must know to make an educated buying decision. Encourage engineering teams to work with your companies sales and marketing resources.

For example:

Establish open communications between engineering and marketing to flow this information into sales literature. This open communications helps you create products that address real solutions customers desire and are willing to purchase.

Only about 10 to 25% of your engineering efforts should focus on improvements outside of specific customer demand. It's find to have R&D focused on the next great achievement, but use improvements in the current product to finance these efforts.

Clearly connect the efforts of engineers to those of sales and marketing. Focus on improvements customers will pay for and that can be produced at a reasonable cost.

Regularly bring in small groups of engineers with marketing, sales, and support people to discuss how each group can support each other. Remember, each are all on the same team. When employees know others in these other functional areas they are more likely to work together for common business objectives.

Informal communications also plays an important role in integrating these groups. How well do your engineering, sales, and marketing folks work together?

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By Justin Hitt at August 28, 2003 3:17 AM  Subscribe in a reader


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