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You May Already Have Access To Customer Secrets

Counter-Googling - the next marketing wave?!?. Counter-Googling is using search engines to do background research on individuals. [Roland Tanglao: KLogs]

I've integrated Google and numerous other search engines into my customer relationship management system, for years, it has helped me do background research before sales calls and meetings. I highly recommend you use public information to better understand the needs and desires of your customers.

Is this spying or even ethical? While this concerns some customers, it is totally ethical to use public information to improve your value to specific individuals. However, this isn't a tool for sending unsolicited sales pitches. If used incorrectly counter-googling can hurt business relationships.

Proper uses of counter-googling strategies:

You will be amazed what you find, however, use modern research techniques to verify information and insure accuracy. When I do a search on Justin+Hitt, I find most of the articles I've published, old press releases, and some guy who runs track that is not me. Verify everything before you enter it into your system or use it for making decisions.

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By Justin Hitt at August 15, 2003 4:51 AM  Subscribe in a reader


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